We are committed to providing quality and excellence in our care for our patients. We set outside time to discuss fully your history, your current situation and develop an individualized treatment approach with you.

Out of consideration for the many other families who are waiting for appointments and because of the significant quantity of the time allotted for you, we ask that if you find that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, kindly within 24 hours of the actual appointment. We also request you to understand and oblige with the waiting time involved for your first consultation.

All the new patients have to go through the following steps. The expected time taken has been outlined below.

  • Get a token from the reception. Expected time for obtaining token Approx. 10 min.
  • Pay your consultation at the billing room and collect new file Approx. 10-15 min.
  • Once you get the file, report at the enquiry and submit all your old records. Time for allotting your serial no and for filing your papers will take approx 10-20 min. Once your number is allotted – one of our Research Associate’s will take your case history.
  • The approximate time for taking history will be approx. 15min-1 hr, depending on your case.
  • Physical examination / ultrasound will take 10 minutes. Timing for ultrasound depends on the scan schedule on the time which you have reported to the institute. Waiting time ½ – 2 hrs, depending on your token no.
  • Blood Pressure / Height / Weight measurements will take approx 10 min.
  • Case Analysis ( all your old records will be summarized – this will take 15 min-1 hr depending on the no. of old records you have).
  • Consultation with the doctor – Appointment time & date will be given according to the doctor’s appointment schedule / availability which might be the same day or another day: Timing will also given to you.
  • Consultation waiting time Approx ½ – 2 hrs as it depends on the time taken by the previous appointment patients. So kindly co-operate.
  • Consultation with the doctor (15min-1/2 hr) depending on your case. “This is your time now”. You are free to clarify all doubts after doctor explains your case and outlines plan of action.
  • Date for review consultations and plan will be given to you