There are many things that we have learned from our patients, their emotions and their infertile journey….These are the things which help us make a difference in planning your treatment. Some of them are sensitivity and common sense. Others are what make us and our practice differ from the rest, instead of merely being efficient.

1. Quality

* We work towards good success rates…..

* Qualified and experienced infertility experts and laboratory personnel handle your case

* Up-to-date technologies

An Infertility specialist needs to be able to provide state-of-the-art therapies. What was adequate therapy 5 years ago is probably not acceptable today. This field is changing so quickly that it is important that you receive the latest and most advanced treatments available because they will make difference in outcome. If something is important, we need to be incorporating it into our practice.

2. Honesty

* We tell you when it’s time to stop

As physicians, we are trained to always think of what we will do next. In reproduction, unfortunately, there are scenarios for which there isn’t a next step. If woman no longer has good quality eggs as a consequence of age, none of our therapies with her eggs will be successful at changing the reality. Although it is always easier to just repeat another cycle of treatment, we as physicians take the courage to tell a couple to stop that treatment. Our patients have told us that they would rather know up front if they aren’t going to be successful. This way, they won’t invest their time money and emotional energy into a futile process. It is never pleasant or easy to deliver bad news, but it is our obligation sometimes and it is the only ethical way to practice medicine. Other options to achieve becoming parents with donor eggs, donor sperm or through adoption can then be realistically considered for example.

3. Efficiancy

* Individualized realistic treatment

Depending on the case, we project to you  an appropriate treatment plan. We find that patients are most comfortable when they know what we will be doing over the next 3-6 months. During your consultations with us, we always discuss the future plans about what the treatment approach will be end why.