Our institute is dedicated to our patients… Those who have been successful and most particularly to those who are still trying…

We are recognized for our success rates and scientific achievements in the field of infertility…

We have helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Nearly half of our patients travel to Hyderabad from other states and countries for treatment. Many of our patients have undergone unsuccessful IVF cycles elsewhere.

Our infertility specialists will review your medical records and may request additional testing before making final recommendations for your care.

Depending on your case and details of your previous cycles, we may suggest the following

1. Additional advancing testing
If we feel that something in your case has not been evaluated or tested, which might be a cause for a previous failure, we offer and advice you additional advanced testing, which might lead us to new insights of your case and help you plan your next treatments.

2. Specialized medication plans
Can be offered for selected cases like for older women, for men with male factor infertility, PCO’S, endometriosis and women with poor ovarian reserve.

For men with male factor infertility, who have failed several IUI cycles in the past.

4. IVF
For patients with unexplained infertility failed several cycles of IUI, or long standing infertility.

5. Repeat IVF/ICSI cycle
After analyzing your previous cycles, we can plan a repeat cycle using a different clinical/lab protocol.

6. Donor sperm IUI
For those men with non-treatable Azoospermia, or those who cannot afford ICSI, or those who carry a serious genetic defect.

7. Donor egg IVF
For those women who are older, known poor quality eggs, poor ovarian reserve, genetic defect etc, donor egg is a viable and more successful option.

8. Donor Embryo
Donor embryo can be offered to couples who have a noncorrectable male and female factor infertility.

9. Surrogacy
When women desiring children have consistently failed previous treatments due to uterine abnormalities or where repeated implantation failures are occurring, surrogacy can be an option. It can also be offered to certain women in whom pregnancy is contraindicated or who are hystrectomised.